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Lake Oswego, Oregon

Lake Oswego is a city located in Clackamas County, Oregon, about 8 miles south of Portland. Here are some interesting facts and things to do in Lake Oswego.

  1. Lake Oswego is named after the lake that it surrounds - Oswego Lake. The lake is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and swimming.

  2. The city has a vibrant downtown area with a variety of restaurants, shops, and galleries. The Lake View Village Shopping Center, located in the downtown area, features over 40 stores and restaurants.

  3. The historic George Rogers Park George Rogers park is located on the banks of the Willamette River in Lake Oswego. The park offers picnic areas, trails, and a boat dock, and is a popular destination for boaters and fishermen.

  4. The Oswego Heritage Council is located in downtown Lake Oswego and offers visitors the chance to learn about the city's history through exhibits and educational programs.

  5. Lake Oswego is home to several annual events, including the Lake Oswego Farmers Market, the Lake Run, and the Festival of the Arts.

  6. Lake Oswego is home to several beautiful parks, including Foothills Park, West Waluga Park, and Iron Mountain Park. These parks offer a range of activities, including hiking, biking, and picnicking.

  7. Lake Oswego is known for its excellent schools, and the city's public schools consistently rank among the top in the state. Great schools

  8. Frances- a collection of homes all penthouse community is located in the First Addition neighborhood. Lake Oswego is a great place to retire, or if you are looking for a “lock and go” option for a main residence or secondary residence. To find out more about Frances click here Frances Lake Oswego

  9. For more information, visit Travel Oregon.

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