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Our Frances Collection 

Frances was envisioned with art as one of its integral components. From the exterior’s sculptural pedestrian and garage gates, the sweeping 3-D garage mural, to the undulating sculptures fronting the entrance and hovering over the courtyard's reflecting pool, custom fine art greets both residents and visitors. carefully curated art collection elegantly showcased in the entirety of Frances.

Our Artists

Rodrigo Machado 

Fran Camino

Gabriela Medina

Agustin Larco 

Alejandra Estefania

Anthony Reed "Mojo"

Garage Gate

Pedestrian Gate

Serpentina #61

Serpentina #60


Azul Grande

Salitre IV

Salitre Series / Triptych 1

Salitre Series / Triptych 2

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